Betsoft Gaming Unveils New 3D Slots: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


Dr. Jekyll’s classic horror tale and his alternate evil personality, Mr. Hyde is a very popular game at Betsoft Gaming that now takes this tale into the slot machine world. This slot machine contains 3D cinema features to give players an impressive and innovative gaming experience.

Themes And Graphics

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have 5 cylinders, 3 lines and 30 lines of play that help throughout the course of the story. As Dr. Jekyll tries to hide the secret, he creates several potions that act as a cure, however they do not work as they are supposed to, having the side effect of freeing his monstrous personality known as Mr. Hyde. As a player, you will find that you can help Dr. With his potions, evading the police and keeping his monstrous personality under control.

The casino game it looks fantastic and is set in a small, dimly lit apartment, as well as the streets of London. These are the places where all the action takes place. The animated characters appear alongside the cylinders as the doctor continues his search for a cure. Even the theme of the game interface is made to match the style of the whole game, and it is also a very easy to use interface.

Symbols And Features

The two symbols that have the highest prizes are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is also a wild symbol that appears on the first, third and fifth cylinders and will give you access to better combinations. These symbols also act as bonus activators as there is a special round with the two characters.

Other symbols include the policeman looking for the monstrous Mr. Hyde, a closed door, a bloody book and more. There are two potions, one red and one blue, which can be combined with the main characters in order to activate a bonus round and multipliers.

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