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App Lock

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The usages of smart phones have put the entire world to the fingertips. The mobile applications make smart phones more adventurous. There are various types of mobile apps, some of those have been developed for entertainment purpose and some are for storing credentials or personal information. So, it is very important to put a security lock in order to prohibit unauthorised access to your application.
App Lock prohibits unauthorised access to your mobile application. No one can access it without your permission. The user can enter a PIN in order to prevent public access.
App Lock is the only applications for Android phones that protect unauthorised access to other mobile applications installed in mobile phone. The security terms can be enabled and disabled depending up on security requirement of applications.

App Lock Features
• Prevent unauthorised access
• It protects your privacy and other personal information
• It is very easy to create pattern or enter PIN
Steps to change security PIN
It is very necessary to change security PIN to prevent hacking attacks. To change security pattern you need to go through following gateways:
1. Open App Lock
2. Tap Settings and select Change Password option
3. Create or enter new PIN
4. Tap Change option
Forgot password? Few steps to reset it.
1. Open App Lock
2. Tap Reset Password and select send me an email.
3. Click on password recovery link and enter a new pattern or PIN
4. Tap Change Password



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Date October 27, 2016 Categories Author admin