Private Browser

Private Browser

Project Description

It’s time to browsing internet privately
Browse your favorite websites without worrying about cleaning up your tracks afterwards ! Cookies, History and cache are cleaned up automatically
Built (Rebuilt) from day one to be fast & simple and clean
Private Browser does one simple thing and does it very well – “Browse the web privately”
-more than one tabs with the application
Excellent features:

** Clean,lightweight & simple to use

** Absolutely no data is saved.
When you exit the app, all data and history is removed. Everything that goes on in the browser is remove when you hit Home, Exit or Close

** Maximum space for browsing No junk, no ads, no extra bars – just maximum space for your browsing experience.

** All your session’s History, Cache and Cookies are erased any time Private Browser is closed. If something strange happens and your phone crashes , private browser will tidy up the next time it is launched instead

** Easy to customize, plenty of options available and all stored away in your devices settings.

App to keep private browser clutter free..!!


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Date October 28, 2016 Categories Author admin